GrandBilliards is an online billiards game, you bet real or fun money
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GrandBilliards is an online billiards game, where you can bet real money or fun money.
"Fun Money" is not real money, you bet only for fun.

You have to obtain a login name and password if you don´t have one. Membership is free, but you must declare you´re an adult.

You begin with a hundred bucks in fun money. Then, you can choose to play in some of the tables that are shown in the lobby, or create a new one and wait someone to challenge you.

There are two types of tables: the ones playing for fun money (anyone can enter) and the ones playing for real money (to play there, you have to deposit some real money).

Each table can have three different speeds (Slow, Normal of Fast), and the amount to bet may vary from $1 to $10.

While playing, you can switch between three different cameras to view the match.

When it´s your turn, you can aim the ball moving the cursor keys. Then you can choose with the mouse the strength you will give to the shoot, where do you want to hit the white ball, and the shoot button when you´re ready.

You can resign a match, the bet will be deducted from your account.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a nice billiards simulation, and you can compete with players worldwide


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